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Query to fill the embedded component using an element of a subnode of the customer object

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Dear Experts,

I need to integrate an embedded component in a standard screen of the Service Request, my problem is that the relationship between the two objects is many to many, that is to say that the customer has a node that contains a list of tickets, that is to say that element with the I do bind in the query is not in the Root node, but in the ServiceTikets subnode when I do bindig with the subnode I can activate the solution without errors, but when I test the embedded component an exception is generated.

Is this the correct way to fill the embedded component using as a parameter an element that is in a subnode of the customer object? If not, what is the correct way to do it?

Thank you in advance for your support,

Janneth Torres

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Hi Janneth,

Have you tried to do this via association , to fill the data in these components .

Just make relation via association and , drag & drop the fields in EC which you want to filled up.


Tushar Goel.