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Query output to CSV file in SAP BW 7.5

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Hi Folks,

we have a requirement to generate a CSV file using Bex query based on Multiprovider which has yearly cubes .

what is the best approach from the following .?

1.) Multiprovider --> Bex Query (Current year To Date data filter) -- > ADSO -- > APD --> CSV File in target location

2.) Bex Query (Current year To Date data filter) -- > APD --> CSV File in target location

we dont need any filters in APD since data is restricted in Query Level.

Also we have to keep all characteristics in rows right ? otherwise they wont appear in CSV file when we run APD. Pelase clarify.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Ravi,

if data storage in ADSO is not required, the second option, which involves using the Bex Query with the current year-to-date filter and then an APD to generate the CSV file in the target location, is the preferable choice due to its potential for faster execution.

Bex Query (Current year To Date data filter) -- > APD --> CSV File in the target location.

Regarding your question about characteristics in rows: Yes, if you want specific characteristics to appear in the CSV file generated by the APD, you need to ensure that those characteristics are included in the Bex Query and the subsequent APD. If a characteristic is not included in the query or APD, it won't appear in the resulting CSV file. So, make sure to include all the necessary characteristics in the Bex Query's output and the APD's selections to ensure they appear in the CSV file.



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Hi Thanks Lakshmi. yah i will consider the same model and include all fields in row pane.

Thanks again for your valuable time.

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