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Query modification problem after Business Content upgrade

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We have upgraded two systems from Business Content 3.1 to BC3.3. After the upgrade we have a problem when opening queries for modification: a dialogue window is opened and system says:


The following objects were not found when accessing server

Press 'Repair' to correct the problem (incorrect parts of the query are automatically deleted)

Press 'Cancel' to undo the last action

Missing objects:

- InfoObjects

| |- InfoObject 0HIER_VERS

- Affected Items

|- Hierarchy version</i>"

Strange thing is that the problem cannot be reproduced on consultants' laptops, only on clients' PC-s, so we believe there must be something about Windows/Excel security that produces the error message.

Have you ever experienced this (kind of) problem before? Do you have any idea what I should check?

I checked

- Macro security settings in MS Excel,

- logged on to the PC's as Administrator

- logged on to BW with clients'/consultants' user ID's on clients'/consultants' PC's, problem appeared only on client PC-s

- SAP GUI version (it is the same)

- MS Excel, MS Windows version (the same)

I have also checked InfoObject 0HIER_VERS, it really does not exist in the system. But it does not exist in our Production system either, while the query is completely the same in both systems.

0HIER_VERS is a "technical attribute" (as I read in an SAP documentation - however, I don't really understand this term), it is attached to 0CS_GROUP (Consolidation group).



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Before checking that did u acvtivate and update all the datasources at the source system level.