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PZ31_EWT ITS not working properly

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Hi all,

I tried to call PZ31_EWT in portal by creating SAP transaction iview and IAC iview. In IAC, the transaction is opening as java applet which in turn requires JRE / JDK to be installed on each user's system. In SAP transaction iview, when opened in webgui format, the screen is appearing properly but the proficiency drop down is not working the way it should. When clicked on drop down, it is getting wrapped up. Its not allowing to select proficieny.

Also, in ITS server, we are not able to find out html file related to pz31_ewt and pz32.

Please help.



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Related to ITS, you can get this achieved using the standared SAP access through Internet Url

http://<hostname>:<httpport>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?sap-client=<client Number>

Here you can enter the transaction code.

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Thanks Deepak for replying. I am not able to open that link. I tried both EP server and ITS server host name.

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This link is only regarding ITS,

just go to ABAP system, run tcode sicf

Execute, SAP -> bc -> gui -> sap -> its -> webgui

right click on that and click execute.

Before that just activate the services.

Check this link

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i am not able to find gui under bc.

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Hello Vaibhav,

I don't think there are templates for PZ31_EWT. This is probably a dynamically generated transaction using the webgui service. You can find the webgui service in several ways. If SICF is not working for you then go to SE80 and choose "Internet Services", type in "webgui" and then right click on webgui in the tree and choose "start service". For SICF you can start the transaction, choose "execute", expand the tree: default_host > sap > bc > gui > sap > its > right click on webgui and choose "test service".

You should also see note 870126 regarding support for ESS transactions on ITS. Thank you.


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hi Edgar Chuang,

This message is on behalf of Vaibhav.

For your information we are using R/3 4.7 Enterprise edition and using a Standalone ITS, we are not able to see the webgui under the Internet service, in Se80 transcation, is it possible to use this webgui option in the standalone ITS.

Can we configure this webgui on standalone ITS.

Thanks and regards,


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Hello Kris,

it an important information that you use a standalone ITS. Adminstrating a standalone ITS is completely different than configuring an integrated ITS.

So, for the standalone ITS you need to lookup the installation directory of the ITS AGate, find the instance folder and look at the service files in the subfolder services. The subfolder templates should contain the published IAC and EWT services as well as the services system and webgui.

I know of the service PZ31 but do not know a service PZ31_EWT. If there is such a service installed for your ITS instance you should find it in that service folder.

For starting a service with the standalone ITS you must use a URL of the form


Don't forget the exclamation mark after the service!

So, if you want to start the SAP GUI for HTML use the URL


With best regards,


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hi Thorsten,

There is no instance folder for this service.

So there is no question of the subfolder templates containing the published IAC and EWT services as well as the services system and webgui.

Is this related to the patch level that we need to implement.