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Purchasing Delta Issue

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We were loading purchasing delta from the extractor 2LIS_02_SCL.

2 Days back there were support pack applied in R/3 and after that we are having failure of a job RMBWV302 and delta extraction to BW have stopped.

RMBWV302 is no longer running on the R/3 side that populates an extraction queue and it gives the error message

"Queue processing started (MCEX02, 100, , 0)

Extraction queue processing started MCEX02 with 27,184 LUWs

ABAP/4 processor: MESSAGE_TYPE_X"

Does anyone know how to fix, or can point me to a resource to get me back on my feet?

Thank you,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You should follow the proper process to stop the LIS jobs and empty the delta queue and take the help of Basis in that.

Seems one of the queue was not maintained properly before patch application.

Now you can activate the extract structure for this data source again by activating it in the development system and doing the transports or if in production you have the authorization to do so.

Once done

Do a new initialization again to the target from R/3.

Do a full repair to the target for the days of the delta missed if possible by filling the set up tables before that.

Hope it helps



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Hi Ajeet,

Queue was maintained correctly and the job was running everyday extracting the data and after support pack application this mess up happened.

Any idea what are the steps and precautions to be taken as this is in production and there could be loss of data as well.

Or is this is because of side effect of pack application..please help.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Did you emptied the delta queue before the the patch were applied to R/3 system??

I think now you should

1. Load the data from the Delta queue to BW PSA.

2. Delete the data in the delta queue if it is not coming thru

3. Try running the prgm again so that it fills in the delta queue.

Not very much sure.. but please take a second opinion, bcoz if the data is lost, it would be difficult to recover.