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Purchase Order History 0SRPO_D1 no update from Datasource 2LIS_02_ITM

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SapNetwear 2004s

SAP_BW Patch 14

BI_CONT Patch 5

From Business Content I activated ODS 0SRPO_D1-Purchase Order History and all components as datasource 2LIS_02_ITM. Version is 3x with Transfer Rule, InfoSource and update rule.

Datasource is with Delta Process type ABR.

Data are correctly extracted from R/3 (Version ECC6.0) to the PSA. But 0 data are updated in the ODS.

I have the same the problem with ODS 0SRCT_DS1-Contract Management.

Is someone has any idea?

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Answers (3)

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Problem solved.

It was necesary to determine the Industry Sector before sending items from MM.

Transaction SBIW / Settings for Application-Specific DataSources (PI) / Logistics / Settings: Purchasing / Determine Industry Sector

By default, the option "None" is flagged.

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I did a 1st test with "PSA and Then into Data Targets"

I did a 2nd test with "only PSA" and processed manually the update to ODS

In both cases, the result was the same:

Transferred records 89000

Added records 0

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Hello Jorge,

What is the processing type of your infopack? You might select only to PSA and this might cause the problem.