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Public IP assigned NWPortal Unable to Connect To BW Server

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I have changed the IP address of the machine on which the portal server was installed to a Public IP address.

I am able to view the BEX BW Reports in the Portal only in the network domain of my old IP address.(Portal Server is now running on Public IP Address).I am not able to view the BW Reports in the Portal if i try to access from my home.All others within the portal(like News in portal) are running fine when i access from my home.(i.e in the intranet BW reports in portal are working fine.When accessing from the internet(outside the domain) i have this problem.I am using the same URL in the intranet and internet.)

I think this is because the the BW server firewall accepts the requests only from this domain.I have also added the PortalServer public IPAddress in the BW server firewall that is on the private IPAddress.(BW Server doesnt have the public IPAddress).The BW server running on the Private IP Address is mapped to the Public IP Address in the Public IP Address router as well so that Portal server running on public IP Address knows about the BW server on the private ip address.

Portal Server : EP6 SP9.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,


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please go through this link

it gives you the clue as it will take an hour and define each step specifically step 3 to step 11 is important

hope this helps

don,t forget to give points

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subrato kundu