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What is Proxy Means? How does it is different from a BAPI or Java Method?

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in IX context,

Proxy is used in place of adapter.we can use proxy where WAS > 6.20.

Proxy is always created ion the application system not on the integration server.

first create your message interface in IR and then goto application system and execute transaction SPROXY and choose your message interface and right click and create proxy....

when u use proxy it increases performance of the system because it bypases adapter engine...

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Hi Pete,

<i>What is Proxy Means?</i>

The literal definition of a proxy is an object / process authorized to act for another; an agent or a substitute. In simpler terms, proxies in the XI context are objects used to encapsulate the creation (from a sender system) or parsing of XML (at a receiver system) as well as the communication with the relevant runtime components required to send or receive those messages.

The Proxy Runtime controls these objects / processes, and can itself be controlled by the applications it communicates with. The Proxy Runtime currently has the following components available:

1. ABAP Proxy Runtime – Communication using XI or Web Services a. Web Service Runtime

2. Java Proxy Runtime – Communication using XI (J2EE)

JAVA proxy



ABAP Proxy





<i>How does it is different from a BAPI or Java Method?</i>

SAP recommends to use proxy where possible because it supports EOIO, does it mean that, with Idoc and

BAPI there is no guarantee that messages will be posted in the same order/exactly once.

If Idoc or BAPI doesn't support EOIO, then we will end up doing lot of ABAP work in the proxy which will increase the development time and hence integration time.



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1) What is the Proxy generation in XI.

Proxies are nothing but a mechanism to shift the application logic from the XI server onto the sender or reciever system so as to reduce the effort on the side of XI.Depending upon where the proxies are generated ,it is differentiated as client proxy ( sender ) and server proxy ( receiver ) .In R3 system having WAS 6.2 and above its already has an inbuilt small IE so the proxy generation is favoured and possilbe.

Proxies: are interfaces which will get executed in the application system. They can be created only in the system from message interfaces using the proxy generation functions.

ABAP Proxy

ABAP proxy is generated to process the incoming msg in R/3 or to send a request msg from R/3 to XI..................

ABAP server proxy is created for the inbound interface creted in XI's Integration repository proxy should be created in the business system for which the interface is created .

JAVA proxy is used for J2EE based systems communicating with XI for sending or processing msgs in those J2EE based systems.....

Java Proxoies are used to allows your java Applications ( j2ee, j2se applications )to interact directly to the Integration Server of XI without any special adapters.

one more thing u can create proxy for Bapi structure....

The biggest advantage of the proxy is that it always by passes the Adapter Engine and will directly interact with the application system and Integration engine - so it will and should give us a better performance.

some links...

Client Proxy - /people/ravikumar.allampallam/blog/2005/03/14/abap-proxies-in-xiclient-proxy

Server Proxy - /people/siva.maranani/blog/2005/04/03/abap-server-proxies

hope this helpful....

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proxy as the name signifies means something which acts as a substitute.

in XI proxies are used to integrate ABAP or java system without using any Adapters.

they kinda substitute the work of an adapters and hence are called proxies.

for ABAP the WAS>.6.2.

if we are using proxy on the sender side,then we dont need any sender CC or sender agreement but on receiver side,we do need receiver CC of type XI and also receiver agreement.

XI adapter does not behaves like other adapters,all adapters except XI are used to convert the data from one format to another whereas XI adapter doesn't do this,it just sends(or receives) the information to the systems.

BAPIs are basically interfaces which are used to access some FM modules in ABAP and Java methods are codes which perform some functions.they are totally different from Proxy



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hi pete,

Proxy is nothing but a program,almost it is similar to the bapi or java method .

It u write the code in abap we called it as abap proxy if it is in java then it is java proxy.

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