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Provisioning users and passwords from SAP ABAP to Identity Autenthication Service

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I want to use IPS to replicate users of On-Prem ABAP server (ECC) to SCP IAS, so cloud user can logon on Fiori Apps on SCP Portal (Fiori Apps) with the same username of SAP ECC.

In the replication mapping, is it possible to replicate also password, so user can logon on SCP IAS with same user AND password as in ECC system?

Than the Fiori app calls a Java app on SCP that comunicate with ECC via RFC (with principal propagation).

Thanks and Regards


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We do have similar requirement. Are you able to achieve yours. Can you please guide steps to follow.

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Dear Piero,

If I am not mistaken you try to do provisioning from ABAP (source system) to IAS (target system).

Check the following documentations to setup the provisioning from ABAP (on-prem) system to IAS Tenant:

See "Below are the fields you have to fill in the cockpit destination before using an AS ABAP client as a source system:" It mentiones how to use "Field/Property name" and "Technical Property Name" for both User and Password.

Then you can configure the target system:

Best Regards,
Barnabás Paksi