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Protected Cells in BPS Excel Planning Layout

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Hi all,

we are experiencing a strange phenomenon. A user tries to paste rows into a planning layout and get the error message "The cell or chart you are trying to change is write-protected. Please remove the sheet protection." (approximate error message as translated from German).

The characteristics in the layout are displayed with key and text. Writing into the key cell works, however, pasting over the text fields does not work.

Is it possible to remove the sheet protection (requires unknown password) or is it possible to find a work-around for this problem?

We are using SEM 3.2 with Excel 2003 in a Citrix environment. On my local Installation with Excel 97 (yes it still exists;) the problem does not occur. Unfortunately using Excel 97 on the Citrix Server is not an option due to other restrictions.

Does anyone have an idea?

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to my knowledge,

Users are required to enter only keys for characteristics & that the texts are automatically derived from characteristic master data key.

so, texts are not ready for input for the reason, you get this error.

there are ways of unprotecting sheet using password "SAP" (defauly password), <B> BUT, IT'S HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NOT TO USE THIS </B>.

moreover, user entered texts are automatically gets overwritten from the master data.

workaround for you would be,

if you don't want the text, remove it from the layout.

if you still want the text, tell your users that text field need (should) not be entered.

hope it helps.

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thank you very much for your kind answer.

Best Regards,