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Promoting SAP BO Connections

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We cannot seem to edit FHSQL webi reports promoted from development and user acceptance environments using BI4.2 SP7. The query cannot be edited due to a missing connection. We are not allowed cross staging in our BI env hence we use lcmbiar files for promoting content.

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Check the CUID of the connection object in the CMC for DEV/TEST/PROD environments to make sure the connection object has the same CUID in all environments. They should all be the same.

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FHSQL has a lot of drawbacks; difficulty in migrating between environments is one. It's not really intended for use in production reports.

Not sure if this will work, but it might be worth a try:

  1. Create a dummy connection that doesn't point to a real database
  2. Use PM to migrate the connection to UAT
  3. Before migrating your FHSQL report, switch it to the dummy connection
  4. After migrating, switch the report to the UAT connection