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PROCESS_DIMENSIONS_10 - Job failed for production system

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Hi Experts:

Please find below error could you please help me how to resolve it.

Job started
Step 001 started (program UJAA_PROCESS_DIMENSIONS, variant &0000000002961, user ID UZUNHM)
Processing the a set of dimensions of the environment EBRD
Sorting the dimensions before the process
Start of processing the dimension ACCOUNT of environment BRDSD
Start of the validation of members before process
Start validating ID and value of members
End of validating ID and value of members
Checking if the BPC components allow the members changes
The members changes are allowed by BPC components
Start validating the reference dimension value
End validating the reference dimension value
Start validating the members hierarchy
End validating the members hierarchy
Start validating member formulas
End validating member formulas
Process of the dimension ACCOUNT failed
Some errors occured while processing the dimensions
Parent 'EBRDROOCCUPLOC' has different children in PARENTHH1 and PARENTHH3
Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE

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