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Process chain

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Hi Gurus

One basic question which I am not understood by reading material .

1.How and where to create process chain in BW system?

which are the steps involved .( including trasaction code and scheduling )

Would you pl tell me the steps for the simple process as given below?

Infopkg>>>ODS1>>>>ODS2>>>Cube1>>>Multi provider ( lets say 2 Cubes )

Pl help me to understand the concept and also pl advise in which stage of the real life project we actually make this process chain ?

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Go To RSPC Transaction Code and create your own process chain.

Select the process button from left panel of the RSPC Screen and you will see all available process.


Select the Start process first and create your own Variant

2 Select Infopackages and drag into right side and it prompts for Create variant.Create your own variant and give your infopackage name and connect this to start variant.

3 Next two steps select ODS Objects and pull to right hand side and choose your ODS in this step.

4 Activate ODS

5 Create message one for failure and one for success and configure in mail.

Important search for Process chain docs in this thread and you will find so many.

Hope this helps



Also check this document for step by step process chains

hope this helps.



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thanks all

I have assigned points

will ask you more if i will have more doubts

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi ketul,

There are so many threads regarding process chain in the forum. Please try searching with the key word process chain and you should get some good info. Anyways I will try to answer.

1. You can create the process chain in t-code RSPC. Click on new and it asks for name and description. Then it ask for a start process variant. Here you have to create one variant which start with the condition you want. it might be immediate, or u can schedule it depending on your criterion.

2. Automatically, a start process is created and then you have to just drag n drop other processes from left hand side and link it to the start process. Each process will have a variant. For example, executing an IP is a process and name of the IP is the variant for the process. ODS activation is a process type and name of the ODS is a variant. You link any process to the next by drag n drop again and u have to select the connection type, weather it is only after successfull completion of previous step or on error or at any case.

3. In your scenario, u have one start process with proper scheduling option and then the following process types.

-Execute IP ( variant 1 )

-ODS Activation ( ODS A)

-Execute IP ( a export datasource is created and is assigned to an infosource and an IP is been created for this infosource to load ODS2)

- ODS activation (ODS B)

- Execute IP ( Export datasource on ODS B)

- Rollup and compression ( depending on your design)

once the data is available for reporting in basic cubes, it will be available is multicubes as well.

You can create process chain as soon as ur ready with implementation and setup is ready for loading. you can automate all your loads using process chains.

please post if you want more.