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Process chain starting twice

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Hello to all,

hope I 'm writing  in the right discussion.

I'm trying to execute a process chain from a workbook.

This are the steps I did:

  1. I created a IP workbook and I add a button
  2. I Selected : planning specific command
  3. populated with CMD ( Execute planning function) -  Name of planning function - data provider filter ( with the name of the provider)
  4. saved
  5. created a planning function in which I write just a call function to trigger the event to start the process chain.

The issue is:

when i press the button, the process chain start twice.

I tested executing the function module from SE37 and the process chain start just one time.

it happens to someone?

Kind regards

Rino Sica

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hey Rino,

You could check your planning function, do you have all the infoojects in the fields to be changed?
Otherwise your call function may be executed twice or more times.

You could execute it with trace, so you can see how many data packages there are (there should be only one).


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Great Federico!

I applicated your suggestion and now it work fine

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