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Process a PDF File to an ABAP Proxy

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Does anyone know how to process a pdf file straight to an abap proxy.

With just a flat sender file adapter without conversion to a xsd:Base64Binary field straight to a Abap-proxy.

Error message :


<SAP:P1>Request Message</SAP:P1>



<SAP:P4>XML Bytepos.: 0 XML Path: Error Text: Element 'mt_pdf' expected</SAP:P4>

<SAP:AdditionalText />

<SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />

<SAP:Stack>Error during XML => ABAP conversion (Request Message; error ID: CX_ST_MATCH_ELEMENT; (/1SAI/TXS00000000000000000543 XML Bytepos.: 0 XML Path: Error Text: Element &#39;mt_pdf&#39; expected)) Element &#39;mt_pdf&#39; expected</SAP:Stack>

I HAVE READ ALL the possibilities with java coding in the module tab etc. etc.

JUST is there "simple' way to solve this.

regards meinhart

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Answers (2)

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You have to do the conversion to Binary64 on message mapping (you can use an UDF function to convert the string content)

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Do you have a java coding for that, my skills are in abap-xslt and abap-proxy, but I know how to use the udf functions.


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Hi Meinhart,

I think you need to go with Conversion agent here.

Ref: http://www.saptechnical .com/Tutorials/XI/PDF/Index.htm

This would help you....


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Thnx, but even without the conversion agent, if possible anyway.