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Problems with large files using AMQP to and from IBM MQ

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I'm currently doing PoC about connecting SAP Integration suite towards IBM MQ using AMQP.

I have created a trial account in SAP and setup IBM MQ queue manager on my local computer.

I have installed a connector on my machine so I have a working connection between SAP cloud and my computer.

In one of the different use-cases I'm trying to verify receiving and sending large files (up to 100MB) between my local IBM MQ queue manager and a integration flow in SAP Cloud.

I manage to rec/send files up to 20-25 MB without any issues. But when it comes to files where size is between 50-100 MB nothing happens. I can't see anything in the logs about these large files being processed or if they end up in some kind of error.

The only thing the SAP integration flow is doing, is receiving a file via the AMQP adapter from a queue and sending it to another queue via the AMQP adapter.

Anyone has any idea what the problem might be, any restrictions on large files using trial account??


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