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Problems with 'COMMIT MISSING' - when using ABAP client proxies

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We have a requirement - wherein while SAP std inbound IDOCs are being processed in the R/3 system- we need to monitor the processing of idocs - by sending relevant information out of the R3 system to a monitoring dashboard - outside of the R/3 environment.

Inorder to accomplish the above, we generated a async. client proxy class in the R3 system by pointing to a XI o/b message interface and that interface mapped on to DB calls - from which the dashboard was bringing up status of idocs being processed in R3

We made a call to the async class method from within the idoc user exit that lies within IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS FM . The user exit chosen to make the call was - after the salesorder processing for the inbound idoc was done in the above FM. We have not given any COMMIT WORK statement after the async client proxy method call within the user exit - since the call was being made from within user exit and we did not want to upset SAP std processing flow.

Now, when the inbound idoc processing is being done by using SAP std program rbdapp01 using parallel processing option of packets, the outbound message generated is in 'COMMIT MISSING' status - whereas - when rbdapp01 is executed in normal mode - the proxy message is sent out ok out of the R3 integration engine.

The program rbdapp01 has a COMMIT WORK statement after each IDOC packet is processed - but still with the parallel processing option - the proxy message stays in th R3 box - with the status 'COMMIT MISSING'

Any thoughts/ pointers on this is appreciated....

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Hi Karthik,

I don't think you can get this to work using an asynchronous proxy - except perhaps by spawning an update task to send the data.

Perhaps you can re-cast this as a synchronous interface?