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Problems exporting to CSV file from InfoView

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I have a simple report that is being used to create an extract in CSV format. The problem is that all of the columns after the 23rd position are being moved to the front.

So instead of getting


I'm getting


This is making me nuts!!!

If I export directly from the CR Designer I don't have any problems.

If I export from InfoView to a different format like Excel, no problems.

So... I figured that there may be a goofy problem with the rpt file itself. So I rebuilt it from scratch. Still doing the same thing.

This only seems to be a problem when scheduling from CRS and exporting to CSV. I'm baffled!

(Yes I tried setting the schedule from the CMS... It does the same thing there too.)

Any help on this would be VERY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi, Jason..How did you get it to export at all? from CRS.

I have a report I like that I can export from Crystal, and from InfoView, but it will not schedule and export at all. I simply get a 'failed' status in history.

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Yes. The original issue itself is still a problem but it is exporting based on schedules created in InfoView.

Since no one offered any help, I just split the report in to 2.

If you're having problems getting anything to export, it may be an issue with the login credentials that CRS is trying to use.

If you click the word Failed it will provide you with more details about why it failed.