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Problems adding Java Persistence as a Project Facet

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I'm quite new to the topic. I've only started up creating web dynpros and integrating them to the portal. Now I'm following the SDN tutorial "Consuming EJB's in Web Dynpro for CE 7.1" see link: [Web Dynpro for Java|]

I'm having trouble on page 35 adding the Java Persistence as a Project Facet. I get an Error saying 2 things:

Java Persistence 1.0 requires Java 5.0 or newer.

Constraints for Java Persistence 1.0 have not been met.

I'm running Sap NetWeaver Developer Studio with jdk1.5.0_14

Can anyone help me with this one? Please? Thanks in advance!

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Answers (2)

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Hi Sebastian,

I have done this tutorial successfully.

This problem occurs if the EJB Project taht is created, does not belong to Java EE version 5. You need to make this selection while creating the EJB Project. This is discussed at Page 19 of the Tutorial.

You can check the following:

1. Project Facets property of your EJB Project should show the current Java Facet as 5.0 and EJB Module as 3.0.

2. Are you doing it in the Local Development way or are you using any software component (SWC) for the development ? If it is not Local developemnt, check if the SWC supports Java 5.0 development.



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I've checked in the Compiler Preferences - the complience level is set to 5.0

For the EJB Module the current Java Facet is 5.0 and EJB Module is 3.0.

Currently I'm developing with NWDS CE and have an NW 7.1 running.

I don't quite know what to do.....

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Thanks guys..

I don't quite know how - but apparently a restart of the computer seems to have solved the issue!

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Hope you have the CE version of the NWDS.

Please check the Window->Preferences->Java->Compiler->Compiler compliance level.