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Problem with the Syndication

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I have a problem with the syndication.I am able to syndicate the material record.The XI picks up the XML file .But the IDOC in R/3 fails and the following message is displayed "IDOC included in Idoc packet containing an error; transfer it separate"

Could anybody throw some light on this.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Revathi

I would suggest the following process steps to get more clear picture on, how to fix ur problem with syndication...

step 1: Try to re-process ur failed IDOC from BD87.

(if still problem exist, it will create the same status along with the " Message have issued " ).

step 2: Click on the new message, it will leads you to the txn code 'MM90' --> Analyze Application Log...

step 3: Trace ur IDOC number under the column External ID.

step 4: Double click the entry and find out, what are all the field values were missing while doing the Inbound Idoc processing on the R/3 side.

hope these steps might help you to fix the issue.



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Are you creating one single IDOC for all the materials or single IDOC for each material.

From your description it sounds like you are creating one single IDOC for multiple materials. When you send the IDOCS to R/3 each IDOC should have the details of only one material.

If you syndicated one IDOC for all the materials, the process will be to send that IDOC to XI and then XI will split that into multiple single IDOC's and send them to R/3.



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