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Problem with setting QueryFilter in Application Service

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Hi, all!

From my app service I' m trying to call an external web service via entity service.

For this I' v constructed a QueryFilter as follows:

QueryFilter qf = new QueryFilter();
qf.datatype = QueryFilter.DATATYPE_STRING;
qf.condition = "==";
qf.valueHigh = username;
qf.valueLow = qf.valueHigh;		
qf.isString = true;

When executing the service (mapping to minValue), I receive an error like this:

"ERROR: Value for mandatory parameter username missing".

I now have

a) read some threads regarding QueryFilter-Problems

b) debugged the whole thing.

Something really strange is that the function module in R/3 behind the web service

is executed successfully - with the correct parameters, but somehow the call

java.util.Collection resultSet = dataAccessService.query(zess_get_cur_pernr_for_us.class, ([])resultQueries.toArray(new[0]), findByName);

in the Entity Service Bean fails with the above mentioned exception.

Has anybody got an idea regarding this problem? I even checked the value of the calls actual parameter - it still carries all the information (datatype, condition, high- & lowvalue a.s.o.)?



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Found a workaround finally.