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Problem with Runtime.getRuntime.exec() method

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I wrote the code like as

String[] strarr={"c:/programfiles/......../IEXPLORER.EXE","};


it is working with java program But it is not working with SessionBean

I am using NetWeaverDeveloperStudio

Please help me to do this.



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Answers (3)

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I happened to stumble over some of your previous threads on this topic. in particular seems to hit the mark.

- Thorsten

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Actually we have written huge amount of code in servlets,which will connect to sap and fill the related data base tables.Now that url should typed in the browser and i have 10 such urls with me.And it was not recommended from my client.So i thought to initialize them from my session bean which is a web service and it will be called by the client.So tell me the best way of doing it.

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Hi Guru,

In a standalone Java program running on your own machine, this code will start up Internet Explorer on your own machine. However, if this is executed in a session bean, it will attempt to start Internet Explorer <i>on the server</i> and that's a truly horrible thought!

If you tell me what you wish to accomplish with your code, I'm sure I can point you in the right direction.