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Problem with Node text when Hierarchy load from Flat file

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Hi Experts,

We have a requirement:

User will have a interface which will have input as:1) g/l account(0cs_item) 2) Node name( Where it will be assigned) 3) short text.. 5)long text

After this input, the new G/L account will be updated in the 0cs_item hierarchy.

For this I have created an ABAP program to generate the flat file which will have node id  iobjnm nodename link parent id child id next id dateto datefrom language short text medium text and long text.

I am populating this csv file from the abap program with logic. But when I am trying to load the file through infopackage, it is getting loaded but the text for node(0hier_node) is not appearing .Then I checked the PSA data for hierarchy node where is is showing the parent id, 0,0(short text,med text ,long text).

Have any one faced this situation? May be there is a problem with excel file.

Is there any other standard way to custom hierarchy(other than excel file) .

SAP -7.0



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you'll have to have a Hierarchy upload and a text upload of your node-object.