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Problem with <> Month in text

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Hi experts,

I have a columns with the months : 1,2,3,4 ... I need these month in names and that's why the formula of the column is :

MonthName ({Comando.MES_CIERRE}, true )

then the column show:

Jan Feb Mar ...

Then I create a new row, but when I calculate the value with the formula :

if GridLabelAt ("Comando.ANYO_CIERRE",CurrentColumnIndex)={?Año de Selección}

and {Comando.MES_CIERRE} <={?Mes de Selección} then

select GridLabelAt ("@Texto Mes Abreviado",CurrentColumnIndex)

case "Ene": c_gestionadas1_mes_act_raccgen

case "Feb": c_gestionadas2_mes_act_raccgen

case "Mar": c_gestionadas3_mes_act_raccgen

the code of {Comando.MES_CIERRE} <={?Mes de Selección} doesnt work because are names!!!

Someone has a Idea??? I have a lot of operations with the name of the month.

tank u

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If I understand you correctly, the first thing you said was I have columns 1,2,3,4 then you converted them to month name. Use the column (assuming this represents month)for your new formula.


If this is not the case then create a new formula to extract month from the date field.

Month ({Comando.MES_CIERRE}, true )) *(assuming this is the date field)

Hope this helps


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Thank you.

I found a solution.

I control the number of the month:

case "Ene": if 1 < selection_month then c_gestionadas1_mes_act_raccgen else 0

case "Feb": if 2 < selection_month then c_gestionadas2_mes_act_raccgen else 0

case "Mar": if 3 < selection_month then c_gestionadas3_mes_act_raccgen else 0

Then, I have to hide the 0 columns and 0 rows.

Thank you