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Problem with Crystal Reports Viewer & Xcelsius

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Good morning,

I have a problem with crystal reports viewer. I have a report in wich there is an xcelsius chart that uses data contained in the report. I was using CR viewer 2008 and everything was fine but someday, the sofware became very slow to open (4 minutes). So I tried to install the newer versions (2011 and 2013) and now I cannot mouse over the xcelsius chart data points to see the values. I tried to update flash player and to open the report on different computer running different versions of Windows without success. I found a 3rd party software that works perfectly, but I would prefer to use the CR viewer.

I would really appreciate some help regarding that issue.

Thank you very much,

Jean-François Thibault

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Did You run the same stored procedure in the data base ?

how much time does it took to view the details ..

what is the Connector used in creating the XCelsius?


crystal consumer

or any other

Please Verify these things

Either because of the DB,or because of the connection or create sample report with same stored procedure check the time then you will come to conclusion where it is going slow


Krishna .

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The problem must be somewhere else, since the data is in the report. As I said, version 2008 works well exept for the extra long software load time and a 3rd party software works well also. here are 2 screenshots of the problem.

Datalink viewer :

CR viewer 2013 (I mouse overed the same data point) :

Have a nice day,


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Hi Jean-François

You do not mention the SPs you are using for for each version of CR. It is always advisable to be on the latest - in particular with flash and all the recent news re. issues there of...

Updates can be downloaded from the downloads portal:

Downloads for SAP Crystal Reports and others

You can also get to the portal from the overview Tab.

What OS?

- Ludek

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Hello Ludek,

Thank you for your answer. I tried CR viewer 2013 SP 6. Someone from SAP sent me a download link.

As for the OS, I tried on Windows 8.1 and also on Windows 7 on 2 different computers.

It's very weird since CR 2008 worked perfectly before it became so slow to open.