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Problem when trying to connecting to the SLD...

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HI All,

When i am trying to connecting to the SLD as

http://<ip address> : portnumber /sld is giving an error

You do not have permission to view the System landscape directory. \r\n\r\n Minimum required.UME Role with permission and J2EE role LcrUser.

SLD not configured ; configure the SLD in Administration first.

I tryed to configure using SLD post -installation giude, but it is not happing,so cud u please help me out to solve this.

thanks a lot


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Viswanadh

do following.

SLD (System Landscape Directory) CONFIGURATION on J2EE Server.


Enter Administrator user name and password.

Go to Administration -> Server Settings

Make sure that the SLD server is stopped

Enter the following Server Parameters

Object Server:

<Host name of the J2EE server>

Working Directory:

The working directory of the System Landscape Directory.

The standard path is "/usr/sap/<SAPSID>/SYS/global/sld"

Click on SET.

Select the following parameter for Persistence

Persistence: Database

Click on SET.

Leave ABAP Connection Parameters Blank.

Go back to Administration.

Click on Data Supplier Bridge

Configure the data supplier bridge with following parameters.

Update local SLD (sld/active): TRUE

RFC Gateway:

Server : <host name of J2EE server>

Service : <The SAP gateway service port>

Click on SET.

Open Administration Tool for J2EE server from following Location.

C:\usr\sap\<SID>\JC<instance number>\j2ee\admin\go.bat

Select Default and Click on Connect.

Enter password for Administrator.

Click on Connect.

Select Cluster->Server->Services->SLD Data Supplier

Select http setting tab page and enter following details.

Host: <host name of J2EE server>

Port: <Port Number of J2Ee Server>

User: <Administrator User>

Password: <Password for Administrator User>

Use https? : <Check this if you want to use https>

Trust Store: <leave default i.e. TrustedCAs>

Click on SAVE.

Select RFC Settings tab page and enter following details.

Gateway Host : <host name of J2EE server>

Gateway Service/Port: sapgw<instance number>

Click on SAVE.

Restart the SLD data Supplier Service.

if u configure ESS webdynpro for ERP2004 mail me on

any query revert back.



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Thanks a lot kaushal,it is working fine.

i really appriciate ur prompt reply.


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