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Problem on PI 7.1 with sending mails

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Hi all,

on our PI 7.1 I would like to send alert messages via email to be informed on any error. On our XI everything worked perfectly but on PI 7.1 things seem to be different.

1st problem: I go to business workplace and try to send an email from there. After sending I go to transaction "sost" and the message errored out with error "Internal error: SO_OBJECT_MIME_GET Exception: 2" Any idea what I have to do there?

2nd problem: an error message comes to the alert inbox but it seems it is not sent to ccms and I don't see any sending attempt in transaction "sost". Any idea on that?

As mentioned I have the same settings on PI as on the old XI system where it worked properly.

Thanks and regards.


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You just check setting in scot

Execute scot->setting->defoult domain

And put here default domain

and check out..



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That was the missing piece. Thanks a lot.