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Problem in workflow Inbound error Idocs (IDOCAPPL)

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Hi All,

First of all I am new to workflow. I have created a custom business object ZIDOCAPPL by copying standard object IDOCAPPL. My requirement is to send emails to the users with the inbound Idoc error details.

My workflow has below tasks.

Task 1: Create a entry in Ztable with error idoc details. (Background step)

Task 2: Send a email to the list of users with EDIDC data.

Task 3: Idoc foreground correction (Foreground step - Using IDOCAPPL-INPUTFOREGROUND method).

Task 4: Delete the entry form Ztable, which was created in task 1(Background step)

For this, I have created a ZIDOCAPPL BO and in that created methods for step 1(Create entry in ztable) and Step 4(Delete entry in Ztable).


So my problem is , I need to create below Function modules. Please suggest the logic for below function modules, as I did not understood clearly.

1- A new Function module for send email step, that creates the list of users. The user list need to be leveraged from Rule FM and the email through USR01. (This need to be called in my custom ZIDOCAPPL BO method and for send email step of task 2)

2- A new FM needs to fetch the positions (table HRP1001) under the sub org units (partners) again under the main Org unit The returned positions needs to be linked back to the task and also for the emails. ( I think this need to be linked to the Role of the idoc foreground correction task (Task 3).

Appreciated your inputs. Thanks in advance.



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I recommend that you do NOT copy the object, but rather create a sub-type.