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Problem in Loading Data from Ods to CUBE

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hi all,

i have a small problem.

i have loaded some data to ODS using Delta Loading and the data is in the NEW DATA section. i have been asked to activate the data and then load it into Cube. While activating it starts the process and completes too

[The QM status is green].

but in the request tab of ODS->MANAGE.

it does not shows any PSA request number generated .

and so it is not alowing me to upadate the data in my infocube .

When i goto the background job list, the job is cancelled and the log shows the following :

--Error getting SID for ODS <ODS NAME> object

--Activation of data records from ODS object <ODS NAME> terminated

what sud i do.

please help me.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Partho

I think ur validating ur data against the master data. There is a check box against only update data target if master data exists in infopackage. So if this checkbox is ticked then while activating ODS, it checks weather the master data is available or not.So if the master data doestnt exist, it gives the SID error. So just check weather you are facing the same problem.

This was discussed in another post by clyde by subject

"ODS Activation error ". Just check the post. You might get the solution.