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Problem in including standard text in smartforms

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Dear All ,

I am using smartforms to print text from my customized program. Inside the smartforms, i use include text function to display the standard text populated by my program. Some problem occur while i am using the include text. If i preview the smartform, then edit the standard text from the program, and preview the form again, the form show the previous standard text (text before the update took place). But if i edit the standard text before previewing the form, the form will show the updated text. It seems somehow the smartforms stored the standard text and used it every time it read the standard text without reading again from the database. Is there some way to refresh the smartform include text?



Moderator message: please use a more descriptive subject line next time.

Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Apr 14, 2010 12:02 PM

@mod: I have changed the subject, sorry for the problem caused as i am new here =D

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Dear Karsen ,

U can create a new program which with the print form function, so everytime when user click on the print form function then u call this program for print the form.