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Problem in Excel Download Formatting

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Hi all,

I am facing some formatting problems for the excel download.

I have used the following tag to download the number data.

<NumberFormat ss:Format="Standard"/> which is displaying the data with decimals. The value '0' is displayed as '0.00'. In order to change the format as per my customers requirement i have changed the above tag to the following format.

<NumberFormat ss:Format="General"/> which is ignoring the zeroes after the decimal point as per requirement. But the problem is the amount 22,000 is displayed as 22000 i.e. without comma separator.

How can i include the comma separator for the values.

Thanks in advance.


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Answers (3)

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<NumberFormat ss:Format="#,##0"/>

And 22000 is displayed as 22,000

22000.5 is displayed as 22,001



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thank you thilo,

but i am using ole concept in excel sheet down load.

in ole concept can you suggest me how to get the correct o/p.

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i am too facing the same problem if you have found out any solution plz help me.

i am using object concept in excel download.

i am geting the o/p as -1234.43 but i want it should be of the format -1,234.43

plwase my mail id is

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Are u using ActiveX control? Post your code so that we can suggest the solution..

Raja T