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Printing Two pages of text continuous in One Text element

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I am Very new to Adobe forms,I am in Support Project,I got a requirement where as I need to create one Text element and print the text more than 2 pages in that.

What I have done so far is

1.In interface I done code work to embed new line characters to pring line by line

2.Checked the Expand to Fit option to autosize.

What problem iam facing is

1.I am getting the Scroll Bar and the whole thing is displaying in one page only.....

what i need is

I do not want that scroll bar and i want to display rest of content in second page.

Please guide me here

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Answers (2)

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You may need auto-fit = true for height (check text field AND the parent subforms). Otto

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Yes,That Option is set already

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Are you using text or text field?

Please use text field and make sure you have the above settings then it should work. It is working for me.

If you are using text please let me know how are you binding it.


Chandra Indukuri

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Iam Using the Text Field.

Yes I too agree by above settings it should work properly,Becasue when I use textelement inside table it is working fine,But only Text element is not giving good result

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What u can try is insert an Input field and make the subform which contains this input field as "Flow Content" and also check the property "Allow page break within contents".

Hope this helps you.


Poojith MV

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Hi Poojith,

Thanks for the reply.

Just for Info, The setting which You have mentioned above are already in place.

can you please tell what more need to do?