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Prblem in calendar App

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Hi community, i'm facing an error with an extended standar app nobody has changed nothing and when i try to use the app this is the error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setVisible' of undefined
    at f.onInit (Component-preload.js?eval:5)
    at p (jquery-dbg.js:497)
    at f.onInit (BaseFullscreenController-dbg.js:61)
    at f.a.fireEvent (EventProvider-dbg.js:229)
    at f.a.fireEvent (Element-dbg.js:593)
    at f.fireAfterInit (ManagedObjectMetadata-dbg.js:426)
    at f.c._initCompositeSupport (View-dbg.js:373)
    at ManagedObject-dbg.js:427
    at f.constructor (ManagedObject-dbg.js:450)
    at f.constructor (Element-dbg.js:99)

this is the app:

this is happend when yo clic on one of those items , what do you recomend ? maybe sap updated some libreries ? be cause it's on the cloud

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Answers (1)

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Hi Naoto,

Debug it using the F12 developer options of the chrome by putting the break point on the click event handler of the calendar in the corresponding calendar and check out which control is undefined .. This will help you to fix the issue ..



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I'm looking for the event but i haven't found it yet, is the app my appointments of this should be the same event i guess