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Portal Runtime Errror

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Hi All.

I am working on file in nwds.

and deployed the par into the portal server and now I am getting an error if I use my portal URL.

I had placed the jar fileS in the imported par.

No Changes made to the par.

I had sucessfully deployed for the first time and my portal URL is not coming up from that time.

Now i am unable to deploy the same par from NWDS.

I manualy pasted the par file in the cluster server0 .....web-inf...

PCD and Pcd Content folders in the file system and Restarted the server but no use.

I had created ear file of the par and forced deployed to the server

and still getting the same error.

Portal Runtime Error

An exception occurred while processing a request for :

iView : N/A

Component Name : N/A

com.sapportals.portal.epcf.service.EPCFService710 incompatible with com.sapportals.portal.service.epcf.IEPCFService.

Exception id: 01:11_28/04/08_0053_8599550

See the details for the exception ID in the log file

Any suggestions on this error and i am expecting the deployed par not allowing connections to the browser or changed EPCF settings.

Thanking you


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This is clearly a classloader problem, it looks like you some how have two different versions of IEPCFService class in the classpath.

So to overcome this, you should undeploy like this:

1. Goto Administration Console and undeploy the project

System Administration-> Support-> Portal Runtime-> Administration Console

2. Do the offline undeploy as suggested below.

3. Restart your server

If you have problems to navigate till Administration Console, you can also access the direct link to undeploy the par:


Offline undeployment:

Here is the way you can undeploy your par file manually:

Remove your par.bak files from:




Mostly the par.bak will be present either in pcd or temp folders but not in both.

ex: C:\usr\sap\J2E\JC00\j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\\irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root\WEB-INF\deployment\pcd


Praveen Gudapati

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Hi Praveen,

Thanks for your reply.

I have already done all these and the url to

http://<host>:<port>/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/PortalAnywhere.default is not working.

We are unable to get the logon page itself.So I cant navigate to the path.

I tried this path using login to sld and passing the user id and password to this user but no use still getting the same error.

Can you claer me one thing When deploying the par from NWDS I used custom.epcf.par not the default name but how can the par go and change some thing in the server with the custom par name.

After deploying this par I am unable to deploy any par from that time in my NWDS.

Thanks and Regards,


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The problem is with the application alias that exists in the portalapp.xml.

<application alias="epcfloader">

So in your custom.epcf.par open the portalapp.xml and modify the alias.

So goto \WEB-INF\portal\portalapps\custom.epcf and modify the alias in portalapp.xml and restart the server.

Once this is fixed, also remove all files as mentioned in my previous reply and then deploy you application freshly with new alias.

I would recommend not to use alias for your custom.epcf application.


Praveen Gudapati

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Hi Praveen,

I have already deleted the complete folder in the path you said and pasted back up file and tried before but no use.

I have a copy of previous irj.

I tried re-placing the complete IRJ folder after servlet_jsp and Re-started.

Still it is of no use.

I think it made changes in the connection of browser to J2EE.

Before deploying only I removed my alias name from portal.

Details: No Alias.

can I mail you the log file

to p_gudapati-hotmail-com

Thank You,


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After checking the logfiles, it is clear that the classloader is having problem with duplicate class definitions.

So to solve the problem, I would say that you follow the steps:

1. Goto your project \WEB-INF\portal\portalapps\custom.epcf and edit portalapp.xml and remove the service epcfloader from there. This stops this service from loading at startup of server.

2. Restart the server

3. At this point you should have a stable running server.

4. Now remove your custom epcf project from server and then declare only components/service in portalapp.xml where you did any changes. Ofcourse dont use any alias for your project


Praveen Gudapati