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Portal role folder translation

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Hi all,

I'm translating the portal content created in different languages with the worklist functionality (EP 6.0 sp2). All portal objects like iViews, pages, worksets and roles can be translated but I've not found so far the possibility to add to the traslation worklist objects like the portal role folders (object type com.sapportals.portal.rolefolder). The portal role folders are used to structure in trees the content in the detailed navigation.

Can you please tell me how these can be translated?


Silvia .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Silvia,

if you mark a role, the role folder is not listed while creating the translation worklist (for it <i>is</i> a part of the role). So when you load the once created worklost for translation, the role folder automatically appears. Nothing to care about, simply magincally

This at least holds for EP6 SPS14 P1. You did not state on what Patch level your SP2 installation is...

Also see SAP note 778884 for a specific problem with role folder in a certain case.

Hope it helps


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Hi Detlev,

thanks a lot for your hint. The workaround has worked. The portal version we are working is SP2 so the problem is not solved in this version. We are in any case planning to make an upgrade to sp12 and I hope I will not have to use the raw text any more...

Thanks again,


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Hi Silvia,

you don't have to use the RAW TEXTS for role folders. You can however translate role folder titles and descriptions in any available language. BUT you first have to translate them from source language: Raw Texts to target language (e.g.): English

Then you can translate them from English to any other language you desire.

The issue described in note 778884 is the following: When you create a role with master language "English" and you want to translate that role into other languages (e.g. Frensh, Spanish, etc.) and you choose English as source language in the translation tool, you won't see the texts for the role folders!

As, due to a bug, texts for role folders are initially saved only as Raw Texts, they don't appear in English (master language).

You first have to translate them from "Raw" to "English" and then everything is fine.

Hope I could shed some light on this.


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