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PORTAL/ESS/MSS - SSO/UME Configuration

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Hey all,

Can someone help me configuring the SSO & UME.

Scenario is as follows:

Host 1 - ECC5

Host 2 - WEB AS JAVA 640 - sp17


Host 3 - WEB AS JAVA 640 - sp17


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Answers (1)

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Rather than getting into some long winded post or copying from other posts, I will simply point you to do searches on this forum for SSO and you will find TONS of info to walk you through the set-up. For a basic answer...I assume by your description that host 3 is your could have installed the XSS components from host 2 on there as well but goes....

(1) configure your UME on host 3. This will tell the portal "where" to authenticate users. This is now done at the J2EE level(ie. Visual Admin)...which will be on your host 3.

(2) on host 3, EP....dump out your certificate for SSO.

(3) upload the certificate on host 1 to establish "trust" between the portal and ECC.

(4) at the J2EE level on host 2 and host 3, you will have to set up SSO between the servers as well (for the JCO connections/destinations)

You set up SSO all around the system to establish your trust relationship and you set up your UME source to initially authenticate a user to then pass them around the trusted system.

That's the jest of it. Again, do searches for MUCH more detail.