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Portal Components - doInitialization method call

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In documentation of Portal Components, it says 'doInitialization

Called when the application is started. The call is made when the page is directly called per URI without parameters and no event


Usually this method is used to initialize data and to set up models. Be aware of the fact that the doInitialization event is also caused

when another portal component on the same page sends an event.


With the "<b>Personalize</b>" Dialog you can compose a page by grouping several portal components together. We have created a page called

myPage with two portal components - A and B. When calling the page myPage the doInitialization is called from portal component A

and B followed by the call of the method doProcessBeforeOutput. When an event occurs in the portal component B (e.g. by clicking on

a button), the doInitialization method in portal component A is called again, while in portal component B the method

doProcessAfterInput followed by the event handling method assigned for the button and finally the doProcessBeforeOutput


To create solid portal components you must be aware of the fact and check in the doInitialization method if the data has already

been initialized or the models have been created. Otherwise you portal component is always reset to the initial state if an event in another

portal component occurs.

The Enterprise Portal treats every portal component isolated. In this case an event in one portal component does not cause the

doInitialization event in the other portal component on the same page. The PDK can emulate this behavior by setting the

ISOLATED flag in the page description XML file to true. The page description XML file in the content folder of the page and defines the

position of the portal component, height and tray type.

Example for an entry in the XML file:

<component name="AAA.default" title="AAA.default" height="400" trayType="SAPTrayD3" Position="1"/>

Example for an entry in the XML file with isolation flag set so that PDK behaves like the Enterprise Portal:

<component name="AAA.default" title="AAA.default" isolated="true" height="400" trayType="SAPTrayD3"


If you use the Page Editor in the DevTools section of the PDK you can set the isolated flag interactively.'

When they say putting different 'Portal Components' in a page, do they mean to say a Page containing different iviews (or) it is something else??



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Hi Priya,

Yes. Putting different portal components in a page definitely means a page conatining different iviews.