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Portal Activity Report WCR_WEBCONTENTSTAT for PCDURL field no data fetched

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Hi ,

I am creating custom portal activity report in WD java.

When I am firing a direct query on WCR_WEBCONTENTSTAT table: select * from WCR_WEBCONTENTSTAT

Its giving output with all fields

Now when I firing the same query with Where and LIKE clause for PCDURL field its not givng any results

select * from WCR_WEBCONTENTSTAT where PCDURL LIKE '%pcd:portal_content/Poonam/iview/address%'

Even I had copied the output of PCDURL field from the direct query : select * from WCR_WEBCONTENTSTAT.

and cheecked with another query :select * from WCR_WEBCONTENTSTATwhere PCDURL='pcd:portal_content/Poonam/iview/address'.

But its too not giving data

Similar thing is happening with field CUSTOM also


For rest of the fields the 'Where with LIKE clause 'is working fine.

What I have noticed is the SQL datatype of PCDURL & CUSTOM is NVARCHAR 1024.

But I think NVARCHAR(SQL type) is equvalent to String (java type) , so when I am passing a string to PCDURL field , it should fetch the data.

Please let me know If anyone faced the similar issue and resolved it.


Poonam Sharma

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Answers (3)

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please provide some more information on the solution of this issue: provide points for the answer being most helpful or tell us how you where able to find a solution. I'm sure the community is also interested in it.


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Hi Poonam,

I have come across same problem. I have found that the "NAVCHAR" data type is not allowed in JDBC; so it is not possible to provide PCDURL as input to your query. Workaround is, you have to get the PCDURL by query & compare that string to your intended one i your code.

If you know any other solution , please share.



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Hi Poonam,

If you are trying with 'LIKE' OR '=' you must be getting some exception, can you paste the exception if anyyy...!

Also give a try with using PreparedStatement to fetch the data from the database table.



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Hi Munna

I am trying with '=' and LIKE with CUSTOM or PCDURL getting error like "longvarchar is not comparable and must not be used with "=" " .

how can I pass this values in the select statement for this fields (custom or pcdurl).

Please help out me.