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Policies about connection type in mobile device

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We need to set up and deploy policies in Afaria 7.0 SP 4 according to connection type (WiFi or 3G data) used by mobile device. We need that if the device is connected to 3G, policies like Lock App Store, Facebook etc, applies. If device is connected to WiFi network different policies should be applied so that it allows access with no restrictions initially created with policies for 3G data connection.

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Hi Elizabeth

At a high level, you can create Afaria Dynamic Groups based on Custom Views from Inventory Data.  That is to say, you can use criteria based on what we know about data on the device, such as hardware states to have the device automatically become a member of a group.  Policies can then be linked to that group, so they are only executed by the desired set of devices.

However, is your expectation that devices will switch regularly between Cellular Data and WiFi?  If so, this may be tricky to implement as it would rely on the updated Inventory data being sent back to the server from the device.  Depending on the device type and your setup, there may be a delay in this action and 'undoing' policy actions may not get executed before you switch back to the other data type.