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plant ordertype print form

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can there be any relation planning plant,planner group,order type,print

out form see the order type is used by other plants

can i do something when one paricular plants palnner group creat a order

it should com ein particular print form

note that print form already dfeiened --oid1

but ordertype is used by other plants-so in oid2 i cant make it default

help me out

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Answers (1)

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common guys respond to it

in 0pk8 i got there

but i only found production order there

not pm order i want to do it for pm order

like pp order

in customisation oid1,oid2

common guys

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Hi Satapathy,

Change the code in your print program and give the conditions there according to your requirement.This might help.But I really couldnot understand your question

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let me clear you

what i guess this is a challenging scenario

*__what is there in standard sap*__

in oih1

user specific print control

i can assign planning palnt planner group and shop papaer

in oid2

i can assign ordertype to shop paper


plant palnner group ordertype shop paper

i cant actvate selection tab in oid2

becuse other palnts also use same ordertype they want standard paper

but one particular palnt want specific shop paper

nad the conditionis i cant change ordertype

common guys