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Planning version alignment/reconcilation in new HXM Workforce Planning (xP&A)


Thank you for the blog post(News Flash! *NEW* Workforce Planning Content)!

I am exploring the new HXM content right now and I have a question regarding the content and the related blog post:

Planning version alignment/reconcilation:

In the section "Planning Perspectives and Personas" as well as "Pre-Defined workflow and corresponding features" the top-down approach (aggregated planning) and the bottom-up approach (detailed planning) are presented as hand-in-hand planning solutions.

It further states:

Plan Alignment (Target Persona: All Involved Planners): Reconcile top-down and bottom-up perspectives, individual reference versions, and assigned budgets for Headcount and optionally Costs. Prepare a final agreed-upon plan between all involved Personas.

Now the question: Is there a possibility that the planning versions cooperate or reconcile automatically? If not, is there an option or a report to simplify the alignment of the versions? As far as I can tell, there is only a two small graphs to compare the HC and costs aggregated.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Thanks antoine.chabert for raising to our attention.

zwerum - sorry I missed this question! You are correct that the two charts allow you to compare the various versions as you are planning in real-time. The key here, and unique differentiator from several other approaches, is that both the top-down and bottom-up plans are built upon the same planning model which is what allows for such easy comparison.

You could of course further extend some of the reporting to provide deeper comparisons between versions to support a reconciliation process. But at the end of the day, a final agreed-upon version requires the various planners involved to have a discussion. We are merely trying to provide a foundation upon which such productive discussions can occur.

If you have ideas about further improving the comparisons, or providing more substantial reconciliation reports, we'd love to hear them! Please submit such ideas in our Influence Portal here and choose "Business Content" for the Category.

Cheers! Mike

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi, dominik.fischer02 or michael.fox3 might be able to help you!