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PI system installation issue and beyond

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Hello guys,

i have a problem and i would like to know how to solve it. Hopefully i will be enough explicit.

So i was installing PI71 on Windows server 2003 / oracle everything went fine until i got to ABAP Import step... it failed on last job during importing of SAPAPPL2... so i went to TOC, TSK and STR files and i saw last 10 lines (first Err status and the rest xeq ) ... I did not change it to OK but i deleted in all files the entires so i could finish the installation.

Now once i start SAP everything is fine exept that when i connect to GUI i got dbif_rsql_table_unknown on SAP Easy Access.

This is fine i guess as some tables were not generated but i want to fix this somehow.

My question is: can i add later the missing data to tables/create missing tables? I know which one from the migration files.

I was thinking to do it in SE11. Can someone advice me please.

Sorry if i posted this in PI forum but i was installing PI system after all

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By removing the failed entries from .TOC, .TSK files you have made your installation inconsistent. Probably your system may not work as desired. To come out of this problem, I would suggest you to re-install the entire system.

Try to get help on the issues faced and completed the installation successfully.


Deepak Kori

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Hello ,

i tried 2 times to reinstall the system and i was stuck in the same place. That's why i "cheated" by removing the entries.

I am sure if i try one more time it will stop in the same step.

As the error states that missing table i was thinking to just add it and make some consistency check...