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PI/PO Message Mapping Part II

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I'm looking for help again. Can someone explain what this is doing?

iFS(const(value=false), stringEquals(mapWithDefault(user_id, default_value=, result),

formatByExample(useOneAsMany(mapWithDefault(usersSysId, default_value=, result),

mapWithDefault(user_id, default_value=, result),

SplitByValue(mapWithDefault(user_id, default_value=, result), type=0), result),

mapWithDefault(user_id, default_value=, result), result)), const(value=true)))))

The mapping is:

I'm thinking it is supposed to be working like this:

If the two strings are equal (equalsS) then make it False, else make it true and move on to the next function. Can someone verify for me.

thank you.

Thank you.

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it sounds correct what you state. But I would verify it using a payload and show the queues on the different nodes.

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Answers (1)

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Hi samye228,

your assumption on functionality can be confirmed with payload.

In test tab provided in mapping, please provide values of input variables. Then come back to the functions in the graphical mapping. place your cursor on the functions and click on display queue, this will show you input and output values. This way you can easily understand how the mapping is progressing from one step to another.