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Physical requirements install SAP Netweaver 7.50 Linux x64

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Good afternoon

    My doubt is that I want to install a SAP Netweaver 7.50 on a Linux X86 server with an oracle database, I would like to know where I can obtain the minimum requirements of the operating system (CPU, RAM, etc.), to be able to install it, as well as the requirements of SAP Netweaver in said operating system.

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Hi marcosa.monznmartel,

For CPU RAM calculation, sometime the hardware vendor also provide you some sizing information, like you are going for HP Blade physical servers or even these days the Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure or AWS, etc. Additional, it would depend upon your concurrent users, Number of Jobs to be executed at peak hours meaning Workloads, Network Hops... There is never an accurate figure for it. So all of it just estimation & hence you use some memory parameters or memory tuning. You might have to try tuning again to another updated value & so also the next time. This is how the optimal value can be reached

Additionally, you can try SAP recommended QuickSizer



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