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Personas 2 - is there a way to reset a modified tab on personas screen

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I was wondering if there is a way to reset a tab on a Personas flavor. We have modified a tab by pulling lots of its fields out on a general screen. Now users don't want those fields on the general screen.

Just hiding them on general screen is one option. But I think that might affect performance, as the screen will still try to load information in those fields.

Better option would be to send those fields back to their respective tabs. But manually selecting those fields (and their labels) to their original places in various tabs will be very difficult.

Is there a way to reset a modified tab, such that all its fields goes back to their original position?

Thanks in advance for helping.


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Hi Kaushal,

mark your field and go to 'More Options -> Advanced -> Reset All Properties'. Afterwards the field will be at the original position again.

With kind regards


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Product and Topic Expert

This is not available in Personas 2.0... the title says this question is related to Personas 2