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performance testing of mappings in XI

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Can someone let me know where I need to check in XI

how much time the mapping is taking to execute and how much memory it is consuming

I want to compare time taken & memory consumption for different mappings.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Follow the below steps to get the TIme consumed and memory taken for a message:

1. Go to Runtime Workbench>Performance Monitoring>

2. Select DETAILED DATA INDIVIDUALLY in the Display field

3. Data source as IS

4. Select the component, Processing mode and time interval

5. Go to Extended search

6. enter the sender and receiver details

7. click START

8. Time consumed by each of the Pipeline service will be showed in the below screen. PLSRV_MAPPING_REQUEST gives the time consumed by the Mapping.

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Kiran Bobbala

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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For performance analysis

Performance Tuning Checks in SAP Exchange Infrastructure: /people/prasad.illapani/blog/2007/03/08/performance-tuning-checks-in-sap-exchange-infrastructure

Performance Tuning Checks in SAP Exchange Infrastructure(XI): Part-II: /people/prasad.illapani/blog/2007/04/20/performance-tuning-checks-in-sap-exchange-infrastructurexi-part-ii

SAP NetWeaver XI Performance Analysis - Webinar Powerpoint

SAP Exchange Infrastructure-- Tuning Guide



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Check this blog: /people/udo.martens/blog/2006/08/23/comparing-performance-of-mapping-programs

It may give you some ideas.



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Can someone give direction on this please.....

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Check this blog


You can also go to the performance monitor in RWB.

As well as in SXMB_MONI, go the pipeline step Request Message Mapping and click on the Performance Header there.