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Performance on APD execution

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Hi people !

I am new at APD modeling. I have created an application for getting a query result into a dso. When I excute the APD, it takes like 8 hours and the result is only 1600 records.

If I execute the query with the same variant from RSRT , it takes only some seconds.

My model have the following steps:

1) start from a query; 2) then take away some columns; 3) trasform data record into list; 4) go to a DSO table.

The query is created on a multiprovider which is made of 7 infocube and one DSO table, and it has many restrict key figures and some calculate key figures.

The db of my bw system is SQL.

My question is: how can I reduce the excution time ? Are the aggregates usefull for improve the performance ? Have someone any suggestion for me ?

Thank you.



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Check this note:

Note 751577 - APD-FAQ: Data source query

This note helps with the following problems:

Question 1: Query execution terminates or takes too long. What can I do?

Question 2: The data in the analysis process does not correspond with the data in the Business Explorer. What is the cause of this?

Question 3: When you execute the analysis process, the system issues error message B1 888: "For the ISO code &1 there is no unique SAP currency code for ALE". What does this mean?

Question 4: When you execute the analysis process, the system issues error message RSAN_WB 010 (CX_RSAN_SVC_CHECK_ANALYSIS_N=>NODE_FIELDNAME_NOT_UNQIUE). What does this mean?


Jorge Diogo