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Performance on APD execution

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Hi people !

I am new at APD modeling. I have created an application for getting a query result into a dso. When I excute the APD, it takes like 8 hours and the result is only 1600 records.

If I execute the query with the same variant from RSRT , it takes only some seconds.

My model have the following steps:

1) start from a query; 2) then take away some columns; 3) trasform data record into list; 4) go to a DSO table.

The query is created on a multiprovider which is made of 7 infocube and one DSO table, and it has many restrict key figures and some calculate key figures.

The db of my bw system is SQL.

My question is: how can I reduce the excution time ? Are the aggregates usefull for improve the performance ? Have someone any suggestion for me ?

Thank you.



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Hi E.M.

sounds really bad. Did you compare with the same (complete) drill down? Because in APD, all characteristics are put into rows. Hence, there might be much more than 1600 lines.

For performance reasons, you could create a copy of your query and add some strong filter criteria into that query, e.g. few product numbers. Just to check the analysis process and the result in your DSO. Note, that you can easily check the data on various points inside of the analysis process.



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Check this note:

Note 751577 - APD-FAQ: Data source query

This note helps with the following problems:

Question 1: Query execution terminates or takes too long. What can I do?

Question 2: The data in the analysis process does not correspond with the data in the Business Explorer. What is the cause of this?

Question 3: When you execute the analysis process, the system issues error message B1 888: "For the ISO code &1 there is no unique SAP currency code for ALE". What does this mean?

Question 4: When you execute the analysis process, the system issues error message RSAN_WB 010 (CX_RSAN_SVC_CHECK_ANALYSIS_N=>NODE_FIELDNAME_NOT_UNQIUE). What does this mean?


Jorge Diogo

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Try Executing the query before running APD.

This may reduce your time and also if you have any routine written in your APD check for the performance.

Thanks & Regards,