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Performance Issues SAP HRF

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We use SAP HRF solution for fraud management purposes in CRM Loyalty project. SAP HRF is supposed to be able to work in online mode (receipt processing from POS and fraud check have to be online)

At first the new “Calculation View” (1) was created on the side of SAP HANA based on SAP CRM standard and “Z” tables.According to our requirements to analyze several CRM parameters with appropriate conditions, we chose using of SAP HRF “Modeling tools” for this purpose.

1.Creation of Calculation View “_SYS_BIC”.”HRF_FRAUD/ZZFRAUD_CRD_VW”


Secondly, the new SAP HRF “vocabulary” was set up and “data foundation” node based on appropriate “Calculation View” that was previously created.

2.Creation of SAP HRF “vocabulary” “ZZVCB_FR_CRD”


Further, we created new HRF Rules with necessary conditions using Web Interface of SAP HRF and combined them in single “HRF Rule Service” (3). All rules contains of similar structure (4).

3.Creation of Rule Service “ZZFR_RLS_CRD”



4.Example of rule conditions


After the execution of the test case by calling Rule Service Procedure in SQL Editor with certain parameters the result was – “Calling of Rule Service procedure was successfully executed in 37 seconds” (5).

5.Calling of SAP HRF Procedure “HRF_Rule_Services::ZZFR_RLS_CRD”


We are looking for causes why it took so long time to get the response, however if we try to execute ordinary select statement from Calculation View it took about ~544 ms to get the response (6).

6.Select statement for Calculation View“_SYS_BIC”.“HRF_FRAUD/ZZFRAUD_CRD_VW”


Actually we find the way to reduce time of processing HRF rule service’s procedures by inserting data into new tables with the structure (table type) of Calculation View and adding these tables to data foundation node of HRF vocabularies (7). Now the single procedure include statement to insert data into table from appropriate view and then call HRF Rule service procedure (realized as AMDP Method) (8). In this case the execution time was reduced from 30 seconds to 1-3 seconds. But we guess that its not the best way to use Hana Rules Framework.

7.New “Vocabulary”


8.AMDP Method to call HRF Procedure



Please advise:
1. How can we fix the performance issue?

2. What is the best way to understand the cause of performance issues in HRF rule service?

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