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Percentage functions calculation among multiple cells (Different sub-accounts)

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Hello experts,

The percentage ratio of the sub-accounts (eg "Co. Food Sales", "Fr. Food Sales") to the Commissary Income value (35,473,629) will be calculated and written in the next column. This percentage calculation will be made using the values in the columns for the selected month of the previous year, the selected month of the current year, the planned budget in the selected month of the current year. You can see the report below:

The definition of columns is done like this in the Eclipse.

And this is how accounts are kept in the sheet definition rows tab. The data of the sub-accounts is taken by selecting the account and profit center as in the image.

Commissary Income value is calculated with a formula like this:

I do this calculation by creating a new reference cell in the cells tab and typing a formula into each cell for the % column.

My question is:

1. Is there a much faster way for me to do this calculation. Perhaps I could write a single formula and it can do the accurate calculations for me?

2. As you can see in the report output the calculation columns displays the percentage sign (%) on top but I need to see the percentage sign next to the value in each calculated cell. How can I achieve that?

Thank you.

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